Why Spiritual Direction


Almost everyone can benefit from spiritual direction:

  • People who want to grow into a deeper relationship with God.
  • Those who have many questions such as who am I? Who is God?  What is God to me?
  • Anyone who is hungry for deeper meaning in their life.
  • Those who desire to become more sensitive to God’s action in all areas of their life.
  • Those who might want to integrate spirituality into their daily life.
  • Anyone who wants to identify and trust in their own spiritual experiences.
  • People who want to grow in interior freedom through self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

Spiritual direction is about being encouraged to draw closer to God who has been waiting for you to seek this closer relationship.  In spiritual direction you reflect deeply on the experiences in your daily life realizing how God’s spirit is with you every day and everywhere.

The journey toward God is not meant to be a solitary one.  A spiritual director listens, encourages, guides, challenges, accompanies and prays with you to help discern the movement of the Spirit in your life.  She helps you to more deeply discover God in your life journey.  The content of a session is simply your life – whatever you feel moved to bring to prayer and reflection.  The purpose is so that “you may have life and have it more abundantly.”

Through spiritual direction individuals are assisted in developing a more personal relationship with God, becoming more open to the presence of God in all aspects of life and enhanced personal growth.  It is not counseling, therapy or psychological help.

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